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Note: You know yourself best. I invite you to use wise discernment & take what resonates & functions for you & your situation & let go the rest!
Kids typically do not recall the things you bought them when they develop. At the end of the day, the most overpowering key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D. Hull
1] Notice how you go about your day, pause & breathe & consciously release what is not working.
Do you hurry through most things frequently considering these things to be done or how well or not well everything before went? Most parents are juggling much. If you notice yourself breathing very shallow or fast, I invite you to slow down & choose mindful breathing. This will open space to stop rushing & rather be calm.
As children, we naturally learnt abdominal breathing. Not only will conscious breathing & being in this moment assist you, you will also be a great model for your children on utilizing”pause and breathe” as ways to help redirect & prevent meltdowns.
Do consciously breathe too to release any tension, stress or tightness you might feel.
Thought Invokers are questions to reflect on & that frequently bring insight:
A thought invoker to consider: What can open up for you once you let go worrying & trying to be & do it all flawlessly?
2] Acknowledge everything you’re grateful for such as people, events, successes, learning, opportunities and items regularly. When you develop the habit of appreciating people,events, & things more on a daily basis, you will find an increased sense of joy! .
Practice appreciating & celebrating small joys & victories even with your children. They’ll begin appreciating more rather than taking things for granted.
Everything you love, appreciates!
3) Identify & compose your vision and intention[s] for the year and 3-5 decades.
Then take the time to identify 3-4 daily practices that will support you meet your vision and objectives. It can be short & crisp OR if have more time and wish to, then take some opportunity to be more descriptive. Then allow yourself to feel the emotions you feel as if you have already received this vision. You will be motivated by the emotions of joy and gratitude on fulfilling your desired vision. Listen for your intuition and inner wisdom guidance and take small steps everyday towards your vision!
Always use wise judgement & modify based on feedback. You may choose to share with your spouse /partner, a buddy or coach for support.
4] Meet with other Moms with the intention to talk about, learn from each other, support and celebrate each other (physically or even virtually). There is significant research suggesting that women feel a drop in their stress levels when they connect, share and learn from others like them.
Take time to build friendships that nurture you and vice versa!
5) Take time out for at least one clinic that will help you maintain observer mode & also nurtures you physically, emotionally and spiritually. This could enable you to release old limiting patterns & get you from being in reactive mode. [which often happens to Moms / Dad / or frankly anyone who gets stressed!] .
What one-two actions emotionally & /or spiritually fulfill you?
6) Taking care of yourself is not just important, it’s vital!
Take at least 10 minutes [and if possible more] for yourself to engage in something you love and which provides you joy and where you forget time.
Thought Invokers:
What is possible for you & your family when you take time to invest in you?
What’s an activity that makes you believe you are in your zone?
Bear in mind the plane example-we are reminded to first put our own oxygen mask then put on the mask for others including our kids. After all, what good can we do for others if we are not around?
7) You don’t have to do it alone!
Empower yourself with assistance from a mentor who cares for and calls forth your brilliance and natural gifts and abilities!
Find a coach you resonate with & move forward on your desired results now!
Working with a Coach is different from working with a therapist, consultant or perhaps a Mentor. A coach is also different from a friend who listens and also hopes & wants you to listen to them and support them.
Coaching is focused on improving quality of work and life and is a procedure for conversion & transformation.

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